Trip to Fresno and Santa Cruz July 30, 1999

We drove to Fresno to visit with Pat's former mother in law, Gladys, and her family.  Gladys did not want her picture taken. We stayed with Pat's niece (in law) Karen and her partner Reen.  Karen and Reen live on a ranch near Fresno.

After we left Fresno, we drove to Santa Cruz to visit the L.H. Selman paperweight gallery and do a little sightseeing.  We arrived home at 11:30 PM, a couple of pooped pups. :-o

Pat's sister in law Mary
                with Karen, her husband Dale, and Pat Breakfast with Karen and
                Reen Karen and Reen at
                breakfast Karen's sister Melanie and
                her daughter Kylie
Pat with her former
                in-laws family Sandy and Nella Karen, Nella, Bonnie,
                Reen Carese, Sandy, TT, and
Sandy and Tyler Penniker and Justin goat#2 and Tyler Justin
Pat and Sandy group Sandy in pool Pat in pool
Penniker Cody group
Reen Karen and 3 dogs Tyler Between Fresno and Santa
                Cruz is Casa de Fruta Sandy @ Casa de Fruta
Sandy on the Santa Cruz
                pier we had lunch here on the
                pier Dinner on the Santa
                Barbara pier Santa Barbara Pier

Light Show Driving home, Pat was playing with her digital camera taking pictures of moving lights.

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