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June, 2000 (Page 1 of 3)

Pat's grandmother, Matilda, came to America from the provence of  Halland, Sweden just before 1900.  Matilda returned to Sweden twice to visit her family before she died and Pat's mother, Alice, visited her family in 1957.  When Alice passed away in 1997, Pat did not know how to reach her Swedish relatives and was afraid that she would never be able to find them.  In her search, she came across Bridge to  This site contains good information on how to find your Swedish roots as well as trips to Sweden.  Much to our delight, there was a trip planned to Halland and we signed up. Marie Louise from Bridge to Sweden helped us locate our Swedish family and we were able to meet them. Pat will never forget her excitement when she got E-Mail from her second cousins Ingalill and Britt-Marie. The family had a big party for us at mother's first cousin Evert's summer place and also spent a day driving us around the area where Pat's grandmother grew up.  They also managed to find time to have a picnic with us our last day in  .

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This is our tour group our first night in Stockholm at the Birger Jarl Hotel.
Front entrance to the hotel
Interesting Stockholm building 
We took a boat tour around Stockholm
06220040.jpg 06220051.jpg 06220052.jpg 06220069.jpg
Folk craft in Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan is the old city
06220090.jpg 06220095.jpg
We had dinner with Marie Louise's friends
Birgitta and Dag 
demonstrated folk dances
Elaine, Wenche, Marie Louise's brother Hans and Pat.
On our way to the Vasa Museum
Midsommar at Skansen, an outdoor historical park and museum
Midsommar Festivities
Skansen has many traditional Swedish buildings from all over Sweden
We took a horse buggy ride around Skansen
I've never seen a fence like this...
...or a Sod roof

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