Our trip to Fiji and Australia September, 1998

Here's the beach at the Hideaway Hotel in Fiji.
Hideaway Beach in FijiHarbor Bridge Harbor bridge in Sydney

Sandy at Opera HouseMrs Maquaries ChairSydney
Sandy at the Opera House                   Mrs. Maquaries Chair                   Dinner out our last night in Sydney
Subway PosterLittle Red CARGreat Barrier Reef
Poster in subway                            Here's the right hand drive car we rented    On the way to the Great barrier Reef
                                                                                                                        in Cairns (pronounced "Cans.")
Sandy, Mavis, and PatbugsBrisbane family

Sandy's cousin Mavis in Brisbane       These are called Moreton         Mavis and her son Warren with his
                                                        Bay Bugs and are delicious.      kids Kelly and Jacob
                                                        (I was surprised to see bugs
                                                        on the menu.)

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