Pat and Sandy go to Hawaii

This year we went at the end of November and we stayed again at the Kailua Beachside Oasis on Oahu a few steps from the beach.  This is our favorite place to stay.

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This was our typical breakfast. Cereal with yogurt and fruit. The orange fruit is papaya and the pink is dragon fruit.

We visited the Hawaiian Plantation Village this time. This outdoor history museum tells the story of life on Hawaii's sugar plantations (c. 1900). The village includes restored buildings and replicas of plantations

Each nationality had its own village and were kept separated to prevent unionization. The buildings were moved to the current site to show the different nationalities.

This is a Japanese shrine from a Japanese village.

Here is our docent Melvin Makii next to a Japanese communal bath.

Korean drum.

Korean dolls

The cannon ball tree is native to South America.

Our docent was Melvin Makii who lived on a plantation as a boy.

General store that was the company store.

Here is a shot of the beach near our bed and breakfast. Pat walked on that beach every day and one day got as far as where the Obamas stayed on their pre-inauguration vacation.

We met with our Friend Joyce who Pat met in 1967 when she lived on Oahu.

Pat and Joyce outside the Times coffee shop.

Here we are at Zippys.

Pat went boogie boarding every day.



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